Over the years, funeral service has evolved due to our instinctive wishes to honor the deceased and comfort the bereaved.  The funeral ceremony symbolizes the beliefs of a culture, its hopes, its ideals, and its spiritual concepts.

 As with the many complexities of life, such is the case of the modern funeral.  Oftentimes the ceremony involve religious, social, fraternal, civic, and military organizations.  Local, state and federal laws and regulations are affected by   the services.  Through and through, the funeral is a vital part of the process as the bereaved adjust to the changes in          daily life. 

 As far back as civilizations go, death has always been recognized by some
 form of ritual or ceremony.  This tradition lives on today as ceremonies 
 commemorate lives through unique ceremonies that reflect varying 
 attitudes toward death.

 Funeral rituals are a time to cherish a life lived and give family and friends
 a time to reflect on the deceased's love, friendship and accomplishments.

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